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Company History

Over 16 years ago, Dan Lange envisioned owning the commercial sign company where he worked as sales manager. In 2003, Dan and his brother, Mike, and cousin, Pat, all from East Dubuque, Illinois, formed Lange Sign Group, making that dream a reality. At that point, with already 25-plus years of experience, these owners understood well their niche in the small market sign business as well as their keen ability to create, install, and service custom indoor and outdoor signage for businesses throughout the Midwest. Dan assures, “We always tell customers that we make signs the way we would want them made for our business.”

What Makes Us Different


The owners’ emphasis on a customized, start-to-finish business model is the basis of their success. With over 24,000 projects completed to date, Lange Sign Group continues to offer customers a complete package, from concept and design, to manufacturing, installation, and service.

The company is located in both East Dubuque and Davenport, Iowa, so they can focus on businesses in the Tri-States and the Quad Cities, and on all customers in between. “We focus on quality,” says Dan. “People know us from our great signage.”

Our Group


We have an exceptional group of employees who genuinely care about the quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers. At Lange Sign Group we pride ourselves in making more than just a sign for your business, but in creating a sign that actually works for you—a sign that will communicate perfectly with your customers.

Our sales team will seek to learn more about you and your company to better understand how to meet your specific needs. They have the experience necessary to help you make an informed decision about what type of signage works best for your business model. They will guide you based on their knowledge of everything from local sign codes to identifying speed zones and visibility to the option to illuminate.

Our graphics department creates concepts that are consistent with your image and will work with all your other marketing tools. We provide you with renderings of what you have discussed with our sales staff paying particular attention to your needs as well as architectural and structural needs of the sign itself.  If you already have a design for your project, we will collaborate with architects, environmental graphic designers, and others to help you achieve your goals. 

Our fabricators provide seamless integration of design and fabrication to make your sign a reality. Our experienced fabricators will manufacture the highest quality product, from the raw materials, to the electrical components, to the sprayed finish of your sign. They have the knowledge to assemble the best structural supports, fasteners, and lighting methods available to ensure the stability of your sign for decades to come.

The installation crews possess all of the training and tools required to transport signage to your site, install with proper engineering specifications and location, clean and touch up the signs, and clear the site of supplies and debris. They are also a great resource, should your signage need maintenance or upkeep.

We Believe Experience Matters


Lange Sign Group has the knowledge and experience to do more than just sell you a sign. We properly size your sign for the best visibility in the area. We know what materials to use to convey the right message to your customers. We  work well with local contractors, architects, and city officials to meet your specific needs.


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