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Illuminated Pylon Sign & Molded Plastic Letters

Customer Needs:

Identification signage consistent for all Dupaco Community Credit Union locations.

Signage Solution:

Developed custom material and construction concepts to create a unified look working with the designer on all signage and locations.


Mercy Hospital

Interior Sign For Branding & Information

Customer Needs:

Custom display to highlight the history and mission of Mercy Hospital,

Signage Solution:

Worked with customer to use the best materials to create an attractive interior display that matches the feel of the decor and safe, informative, and durable.

Verena Street

Illuminated Building Sign & Letters

Customer Needs: 

Multilayered and textural signage to accentuate the uniqueness of their brand.

Signage Solution: 

Created a highly visible fabricated logo with multiple layers of materials and lighting consistent with the company’s identity.

Q Casino

Illuminated Pylon Message Center & LED Display

Customer Needs:

Re-image existing sign to coincide with the new Dubuque-themed name change and remodel project.

Signage Solution:

Provided larger and more exciting visual image with a new color scheme and large ‘Q’ to coordinate with the casino’s promotional campaign, new lighting on pipe cover to create interest, and an LED message center for updated advertising and promotions.

I always tell customers that I do a sign the way I’d want it done for my business. We focus on quality. People in our community know us well and know that we will create a good product.

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At Lange Sign Group we understand that each business has its own unique needs. With our manufacturing facility onsite at our East Dubuque location, we can meet the challenges of creating signage for your business—large or small!

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